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What do you want to be when you grow up?

          I cannot count the times I was asked that question when I was in school. That was nearly thirty years ago and I still do not know what I want to be.

          Hi, my name is Frankie and my wife is Sharon. And, yes, my name is Frankie, not Frank, Frank sounds too grown up. I’m a kid at heart. I still get in the floor and play with cars and trucks, and not afraid to tell it. I just get up slower than I used to. I have too many hobbies to try to name them all, because due to my ADD I lose interest quick and excuse me if I do not remember your name.

          We have decided that there is too much stress in life, so when we opened Auten’s we said it was going to be a fun place for adults to remember their childhood. Too many places try to cater to the interests of children knowing that the parents will come too, but what about the parents; we need a fun place also. And what better place than school. Auten’s is a restaurant with a school theme. With old and new student desks, two teacher desks, chalk boards, a school bell, books, a paddle and school decorations. As for the theme, no, we are not teachers, and we never have been. We just thought it was a fun idea. It is just a fun place to work and eat. But, it has been said, “why a school theme” and “kids are in school when you are open” and “you need to rethink your theme” well, I ask you what do we all have in common? No matter who you are, what your religious or political beliefs or your nationality, we all went to school. Everyone has memories of that, some are good and some are bad, that’s why we have the paddle. So if someone thinks that the theme is a bad idea then don’t look at it on a child’s level, look at it on a childish level and have some fun. So if you need a stress reliever, visit us.

          Auten’s is a family restaurant that serves a country style breakfast consisting of bacon, sausage, ham, the best grits you ever put in your mouth and a couple of specialty items, the ABC and scrambled potatoes.

          We also serve home cooked lunches; you can choose one of three meats and up to three of six or more sides each day and a homemade dessert.

          We want everyone to feel at home. Come in, sit down, and feel as if you are in your own kitchen. Have fun with the theme, raise your hand to go to the restroom, we have restroom passes, go along with the theme, and have fun with us.

          If you refuse to grow up and you inner child wants to have some fun and remember school, then come to Auten’s – where school is fun.


969 Pine Log Rd

Aiken, S.C. 29803


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